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Обменник » Android » Темы » Business English Grammar and Vocabulary RSS-лента категории

Business English Grammar and Vocabulary - 1.1 - Android: 2.2 +

Категория: Темы
Интерактивные материалы (упражнения и тесты) для расширенного изучения английской грамматики и бизнес-лексики взрослыми с хорошим средним или продвинутым уровнями знания языка.
Русский интерфейс: Нет
Полное описание(ENG):
Business English Grammar and Vocabulary is a unique, inter-active ebook which offers training material for adults with a good intermediate or advanced knowledge of the language. In the premium edition, you have unlimited access to all the exercises and tests. You are alse entitled to a free-two hour trial period during which your purchase can be cancelled and your money refunded. The trial period starts after downloading the program and can only be made use of once!
For those of you who would like a longer evaluation period, we offer a completely free trial version of the app. It is fully functional, but contains only a limited selection of the tests and exercises which are available in the premium edition.
The exercises and tests are targeted at those people who would like to extend their general grammar and vocabulary competence into a business and commercial context. If you are uncertain about your own proficiency level, you should try answering the questions in the diagnostic test. Answers for the test are included and on the basis of your scores on the various sections you will quickly be able to find your strengths and weaknesses and so determine which exercises are most suitable for your own particular needs.
Business English Grammar and Vocabulary contains many different sorts of exercises. The Files are very useful for general reading comprehension. Together with the associated tests they offer a quick and efficient way to improve your business English vocabulary. Gap-filling, multiple choice, sentence building, error recognition and error correction are just a few of the exercise types which ensure a varied, entertaining and productive approach to the language learning tasks. The numerous Role Plays and Case Studies in the book are intended for group work and offer the opportunity for free expression and intensive language practice in realistic business contexts.
Business English Grammar and Vocabulary is suitable for use in the classroom or as a self-study learning aid. The provision of answer sheets for the majority of the exercises will be particularly welcomed by students working without a teacher to correct their work. The order in which the exercises are presented is not based on any grading principle. It is determined by the criteria of variety and interest. This means that material can be freely selected to suit the needs of any particular individual or group.
Any author of a textbook on English grammar and vocabulary must inevitably at times decide which of the geographical variants of the language is going to be at the focus of his or her attention. If you have completed the Diagnostic Test, it will already have become clear that where a choice has to be made beween, for example, American and British usage, the emphasis is placed on the spelling and grammar accepted as correct by the majority of business people in the United Kingdom. The book contains several exercises which explore some of the major differences between British English and language variants in the USA and other parts of the world.

I sincerely hope the material will prove useful and helpful, especially for young people whose aim is English communicative competence in many of the situations encountered in their everyday business lives. Please do not hestitate to send your comments and criticism to my TAC-Soft mailbox. Prof. Dr. John F. Turner

Тэги: Business English Grammar and Vocabulary, Dictionary, Translator, Изучения иностранных слов, Словарь, Иностранный язык
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