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FlexMail 2008 4.10 Build 3430 FTF

Категория: Интернет
Системные требования: WM5 - WM6
Дополнительные требования: Нет данных
Разрешение экрана: Все разрешения
Тип установки: CAB
Автор/Разработчик: Web Information Solutions, Inc.
Оф. сайт/Источник: http://www.pocketinformant.com/products_info.php?p_id=mail&dir=wm&tab_id=introduction
История изменений: >>>

Feature(820): Added Yahoo IMAP Template
Feature(4156): "Clear Locally" days set default to "Download Days" in IMAP folder configuration
Feature(473): Improved large storage management
Feature(528): Moved all settings from Settings.ini to Windows Mobile Registry
Feature(662): Optimized internal message operations for faster syncs
Feature(660): Optimized IMAP folder sync
Feature(659): Changed IMAP functionality to work on the server side vs Client side
Feature(658): Internal: Greatly improved reliability through custom smart pointers which provides our own release memory management
Feature(587): Added option to store email attachments elsewhere
Feature(823): Account Wizard now asks to store data on a storage card
Feature(824): Fixed storage properties dialog to be displayed properly on Smartphone
Feature(867): Improved icons within application for consistency and optimization
Feature(868): We now ensure that log is not being written if it is not enabled
Feature(869): Vastly improve internal settings caching
Feature(870): Moved to a completely Registry based settings
Feature(875): Added option of turning auto-capitalization off
Feature(3196): Cleaned up SMS account code
Feature(4903): Command line parameter "vcal" implemented (used to send meeting invitations)
Feature(1500): Optimized new server folders dialog for SP
Feature(4812): Direction arrows added to Previous/Next message links
Feature(1750): Improved phone numbers parsing in SMS
Feature(1501): Added Picture for new Message Notifications for Smartphone
Feature(1565): Moved mail compose encoding to account settings
Feature(1627): Apply to all Folders in Download/Delete Locally server folders moved to Menus
Feature(1628): IDLE status refreshed more often
Feature(1629): Added Picture for new Message Notifications for Pocket PC
Feature(1634): Changed default POP3 download options to download header & 5K of mail's body
Feature(1636): Added new PhatSpell for Smartphone
Feature(1637): Added per-folder Notification enable/disable to the server folders dialog and also add a new flag to the folder synchronization properties and properly process this flag in notifications code.
Feature(1638): Optimized WM6 ASCII MAPI message processing
Feature(4021): Keyboard attachment selection in no-tabs message view implemented
Feature(4764): Message memory cleanup after sync and message opening implemented
Feature(4765): "Sender" and "Reply-To" message fields caching implemented
Feature(1688): Reset command now is usable for an empty folder
Feature(1840): Added "Set Defaults" settings
Feature(4033): Storage parameters change progress indicator added
Feature(1927): Close menu added (with option to turn it off)
Feature(2038): Added Delete Storages command
Feature(2076): Added Related Messages in the no-tabs message view
Feature(2077): Added on/off setting for conversation grouping
Feature(2079): Added on/off setting for HTML reply/forward
Feature(2084): Added option to delete storage when deleting POP3 account
Feature(2109): Template Names look better
Feature(4070): Home Screen plug-in added to FlexMail
Feature(4069): Contact name formatting in auto-complete list changed to be exactly like POutlook
Feature(2227): Modify account wizard to always show account settings at the end
Feature(2963): You can now copy/move messages accross different storage types (MAPI/FM Native)
Feature(2340): Change message storage system (store parsed messages)
Feature(4180): "Delete Storage" set to ON by default when deleting account
Feature(2399): Remove Reply All from context menu if all selected messages have no CC and single To address
Feature(2533): By default Inbox folder now will delete messages on server when deleted locally
Feature(2534): SP: Add scroll page up/down in message view on SHIFT+UP/DOWN
Feature(5423): IMAP message download code changed to download only plain text part of the message is "Show Plain Text" option for message display is on
Feature(4616): Storage movement stability improved
Feature(2756): Add IMAP attachments download to classic attachments view
Feature(5326): Special processing for SMS/MMS messages preview implemented
Feature(2757): Add new attachment/body downloading settings to IMAP Server Folders
Feature(2761): Added attachment size display in no-tabs message view
Feature(5186): Setting to disable SSL status messages in the log added
Feature(5185): Special processing for "OK" IDLE messages implemented
Feature(2846): Add check for invalid characters on attachment saving
Feature(2848): Update Today Plug-in to use the new settings format
Feature(4613): Database streams usage implemented in WM5+ storages
Feature(2877): Added sync indication in titlebar as an animated icon
Feature(4515): "Re-Download Message" command implemented
Feature(4779): Empty-subject messages removed from relative messages list
Feature(4774): Storage renaming implemented
Feature(3197): Now uses server-side commands to copy/move message across IMAP account's folders
Feature(3079): Added FlexMail name as X-Mailer header field
Feature(4951): "Accept" command moved to the left soft key when meeting request is opened
Feature(3201): Cleand up MIME message storage code
Feature(3202): Added context menu to file system folder selection dialog
Feature(4930): IDLE indication in Single Page view added
Feature(3248): Added an option to send messages as HTML
Feature(4245): Number of unread messages display added to Home Screen plug-in
Feature(4242): Removing Home Screen plug-in on uninstall implemented
Feature(4966): Separate icon for meeting requests added
Feature(3315): Optimized download list preparation
Feature(4166): Sorting and scrolling added to account template selector in the new account dialog
Feature(3395): Implemented folding/unfolding attachments
Feature(4140): IDLE reconnection disabled if the first sync was not successful
Feature(3458): When checking mail in a threaded fashion, we now check the Inbox folder first
Feature(3480): Added Inbox (any messaging service) constant scrolling loop
Feature(3481): Added Read Receipt Options
Feature(4223): Left margin added to message compose dialog
Feature(3521): Made "The Internet" a default connection
Feature(3588): Disabled notification vibration on PPC when device is set to Silent
Feature(3592): Attachment selection highlights icon and name separately
Feature(4766): If FlexMail shows only subscribed IMAP folders and result is empty another request added for all folders
Feature(3647): Remember the last folder used to add pictures as attachments
Feature(3868): Auto-complete visually improved
Feature(3867): Add IMAP LSUB command support for retrieving a list of folders
Feature(4379): SSL certificate validation speed optimized
Feature(3840): Add immediate send indication on SP
Feature(3870): Display progress bar when Status Window is hidden
Feature(5342): Menu command "Stop IDLE" added on SP
Feature(4899): Option to add country code to outgoing SMS messages implemented
Feature(3935): Implemented next/previous message navigation on SP
Feature(490): Added Global Multiple Signature support
Feature(666): Mark per-attachments for download in IMAP
Feature(518): We now support responding with keeping the original HTML email in place for the quoted email
Feature(665): Message list has been redesigned
Feature(663): Notifications are now Account based instead of global
Feature(592): Redesigned IMAP4 folder sync options to be easier to use
Feature(648): Mark per-Attachments for Download in MAPI
Feature(843): Now supports built-in Messaging MMS providers
Feature(8427): Check for duplicated messages before downloading implemented
Feature(1259): Added Domain field in account configuration
Feature(1490): Improved POP3 local deletion options
Feature(5801): "Set as default SMS client" option hidden on SP
Feature(5800): Message structure corruption info display added if message cannot be displayed
Feature(5799): HTML reply/forward control usage disabled for plain text messages composing
Feature(5796): Memory usage on message parsing optimized
Feature(9662): Create Task/Appointment commands added to soft-key menu on SP
Feature(2941): Added euro sign support in our encoding dll
Feature(3012): Saving phone numbers from whitin the mail to the contacts is now possible
Feature(3517): Added contact image to new SMS message notifications
Feature(3604): Using Registry settings (in Knowledgebase article http://kb.webis.net/questions.php?questionid=19) you can now add support to any MAPI account
Feature(8385): Email and optional subscription entry added on registartion
Feature(10744): Message counts for storages saved to registry for 3rd party products
Feature(7123): Message resending on SMTP failure implemented
Feature(5560): Scheduling additional folder refresh if previous refresh failed during IMAP sync implemented
Feature(7120): Optional Send confirmation dialog added
Feature(7112): Memory cleanup on storage movement implemented
Feature(5826): IMAP sync is no longer interrupted on exceptions
Feature(9567): When message is marked for download only message body downloads, not attachments (on IMAP only)
Feature(7853): Large attachments download logic improved (to use less memory)
Feature(8007): Storages sorting in Today plug-in as they are displayed in folders tree implemented
Feature(8011): Fail-safe check for Action button added to Today/Home plug-ins
Feature(8010): Additional checking for IMAP folder sync necessity added before login
Feature(10246): Uploading to Sent folder disabled for Gmail
Feature(8358): Showing subscribed folders only made off by default on non-Exchange servers
Feature(6802): On IDLE reconnection only folders with IDLE enabled are set to sync
Feature(6806): Settings for after-sync notifications are hidden on SP
Feature(6807): Setting to disable Unicode SMS sending added
Feature(6811): Keyboard navigation in message list an view improved
Feature(7228): Windows-1252 characters processing added on 8859-1 encoding processing
Feature(7230): Duplicated messages re-downloading fixed
Feature(7232): Check fro waiting longer than timeout on IDLE connection added (to improve connection errors handling)
Feature(7233): Option to disable check for duplicate messages on IMAP sync added
Feature(10840): Using Default Account disabled when creating new SMS messages
Feature(7725): Encoding error dialog fixed on SP
Feature(7729): Special processing for adding USA (+1) country code implemented
Feature(10195): SP notification are now always auto-dismissed after 60 seconds
Feature(10196): SMS commands passing from FlexMail to tmail.exe implemented
Feature(56): Use Ctrl-Enter key accelerator for "Send"
Feature(470): Added "Test Account" option on new account creation/editing
Feature(474): Added links to names/phones/email addresses in HTML header
Feature(475): Added Pocket PC Today Plugin for FlexMail accounts
Feature(502): Notification options are now optimized and clearer
Feature(511): Added option to change screen rotation back when exiting
Feature(521): Account Send/Receive options are now consolidated
Feature(536): Optimized POP3 sync for downloading messages from the last x days
Feature(570): Hotmail can now sync periodically
Feature(571): Added notifications for new Hotmail email
Feature(572): Removed the Deleted folder for Hotmail accounts
Feature(580): Added support for Select multiple messages on Smartphone
Feature(609): Notifications for sub-folders now supported in IMAP
Feature(647): Added support for Meeting Requests in MAPI
Feature(649): Added the ability to separate an email text from its attachments. This means that we change the entire idea of downloading x amount of an email to be x amount of email text only. Downloading attachments is a separate option. - Download [5]k of Message Text - Download [All/*None*] of Inline Pictures - Download [All/*Names*] of Attachments
Feature(709): Added a menu option to launch the built-in Messenger
Feature(795): Implemented PEEK improvements in IMAP
Feature(846): Today Plugin: Added support for Local Folders, MAPI folders, fixed resource leaks, minor bugfixes and improvements.
Feature(892): IMAP logic improvements within FM - i.e. smarter logic
Feature(968): Smartphone sounds in Application Data/Sounds now supported
Feature(1032): Immediate Send is now on by default
Feature(1086): IDLE activity now shown in Message List View
Feature(1097): Added DOMAIN field in SMTP settings
Feature(1100): Added Photo Id in Emails/SMSes
Feature(1110): Smartphone now has the UI to set a default account for all new emails
Feature(1137): Can now launch FM in the background via a command line param
Feature(1143): Message Counts now only show incoming message folders and drafts
Feature(1166): Reply/Reply All is now context sensitive. When the email being views has only one email address in the To: line it now simply says"Reply". When there are multiple, it now says "Reply All".
Feature(1295): Added setting for separate signatures for new/replied/forwarded
Feature(1392): Command line parsing does not return error if parameters are empty
Feature(1584): Added One-hand email account switching
Feature(2522): Added a rule for copying messages to another account
Feature(2984): Added an option to omit message body on reply
Feature(3144): Added "Add to Existing Contact" command
Feature(891): Addd Scroll to bottom or top of INBOX (feature request)
Feature(482): Added contact Pictures in Message List/Message Viewer
Feature(499): Added ability for marking individual attachments for download for MAPI accounts
Feature(668): Added option for notification of "NEW" emails only
Feature(550): Display Flagged icon when viewing a message
Feature(564): Back button should return you to folder tab from messages tab on Smartphone
Feature(816): FlexMail now supports the Today theme colors
Feature(1826): Rocker panels on devices like the Cingular 8525 are now supported properly where it makes sense
Bug(5065): Today screen plug-in showing storages even if there are no messages fixed
Bug(8434): Resource DLL installation on 128 DPI devices fixed
Bug(4154): Folder List screen bottom refresh fixed after initial folder sync
Bug(4152): Wait cursor removed on certificate warning dialog
Bug(5712): CC addresses processing fixed on Reply All command
Bug(7838): BCC address removed from message headers
Bug(8296): Moving messages to another storage fixed
Bug(7731): Auto-BCC value change on sending account changes fixed
Bug(7737): Inbox folder name check in IMAP sync made case-insensitive
Bug(827): Fixed folder selection dialog navigation on Smartphone
Bug(866): Fixed a bug where a crash would occur if a message without an account attached is moved
Bug(883): Message Deletion in a folder could sometimes not refresh immediately. Should refresh now.
Bug(4901): Binary settings import fixed
Bug(4902): Hotmail account settings display fixed on WM6
Bug(4904): Command line parameter "-send" processing fixed
Bug(4813): "Storage not found" dialog controls positioning fixed on SP
Bug(4905): Multipart alternative messages assembly fixed
Bug(2173): Fixed an issue where AppSettings are loaded twice
Bug(4077): Show Folder command in Find dialog fixed (used to open message)
Bug(5040): IMAP timeout and SOCKS settings losing after several syncs fixed
Bug(5314): Message added that FlexMail might require restart on Font settings change
Bug(5786): Sending SMS messages with multiple recipients implemented
Bug(5426): Suggesting to use new character encoding if non-printable characters exist in email body fixed
Bug(5427): Message body characters decoding fixed for incomplete messages
Bug(5430): New messages notifications for MAPI accounts processing fixed
Bug(4615): "Mark For Download" text in message body changed to link when email is read as plain text
Bug(5312): Message list columns customization dialog fixed
Bug(5310): Activating selected folder when opening FlexMail from Today plug-in implemented
Bug(5284): Hiding ActiveSync storage from Today Plug-in when it was hidden in FlexMail fixed
Bug(5420): IMAP connection starting even if sync is disabled for a folder fixed
Bug(5220): FM losing focus when Log All Activity setting is checked fixed
Bug(4614): Multipart message opened from the file shows twice fixed
Bug(4777): Yahoo SMTP address fixed in Yahoo IMAP template
Bug(4907): Messages created via command line appearing empty on restart fixed
Bug(2942): Fixed an issue where IDLE fails if new message comes in at the same time when FM updates message on server
Bug(4780): Encoding menus fixed (showed empty or duplicated)
Bug(4775): Account List refresh added after account name is changed
Bug(4772): Message filters saving implemented right after creation (not on FlexMail exit)
Bug(4771): "Mark for Download" text removed from HTML reply/forward messages
Bug(4769): Message body loading optimized
Bug(4469): Folder rename fixed in Server Folders dialog
Bug(5686): Controls positioning fixed to support portrait SP screens
Bug(2981): Message counts not showing correctly on SP when starting in folders tree fixed
Bug(5265): Sync progress indication added on downloading message/attachment via IDLE
Bug(4518): Message memory usage optimized on IMAP sync
Bug(3048): Fixed internal MIME assembly is called twice on message sending
Bug(3051): Fixed flagged message display for MAPI
Bug(3052): Fixed MAPI messages with international characters are not displayed properly on WM6
Bug(4474): MIME-only settings (add HTML alternative and HTML reply/forward ignored on MAPI accounts
Bug(5103): Attachment names display fixed
Bug(5078): Message body display fixed for HTML messages on WM6 ActiveSync accounts
Bug(4768): Server-side IMAP message parsing results processing fixed if they are longer than one line
Bug(4322): Message body downloading/display fixed when downloading messages from Exchange server via ActiveSync
Bug(4323): Updating message flags when several messages are selected fixed
Bug(5104): Crash on sync interruption on initial sync timeout fixed
Bug(4931): Deleting message without assigned folder (temporary) fixed
Bug(4303): Yahoo SMTP authentication fixed
Bug(4243): Duplicated Local Folders display fixed in home screen plug-in
Bug(4240): Message/rfc822 creation fixed when parsed on server
Bug(3291): Fixed Message MIME assembly bugs
Bug(3292): Fixed IMAP message dates encoding bugs
Bug(4195): IDLE turned on by default in Gmail account template
Bug(4948): Processing server and client updates immediately conflict fixed on IDLE connection
Bug(5042): IDLE server updates processing while applying previous updates fixed
Bug(4257): Sync indication dismissal on FlexMail exit implemented
Bug(5079): All server connections termination on UI crash implemented
Bug(5080): IMAP IDLE connection fixed on executing several commands at once
Bug(5081): Encoding changing for MIME and MAPI accounts fixed
Bug(5082): User Interface freeze when message view is closed while reloading message fixed
Bug(4368): From field changes saving fixed when saved to Drafts folder
Bug(4360): Message filters fixed for messages received over IDLE
Bug(4353): Creating server folders fixed
Bug(5774): "Show Related Messages" view misses the first message for mailing lists
Bug(4352): Multiple parallel folder list refreshes disabled for Server Folders dialog
Bug(4378): Random icon added to the tray on FlexMail crash fixed
Bug(4411): Opening new message from WM6 contact application fixed
Bug(4441): "Show All" link in attachment list keyboard selection fixed
Bug(4436): Permanent certificate accepting fixed
Bug(5344): BACK button fixed when renaming folders on SP
Bug(5559): IMAP sync hanging if unknown token is encountered fixed
Bug(6797): Message deleted locally even if it is disabled for the folder fixed
Bug(1275): Fixed SMS counter with non ASCII chars
Bug(7493): Folder displaying in single folder sync even if it is already unmounted fixed
Bug(7492): Case ignored to Reply/Forward subject formatting
Bug(1912): Added de-duping in SMS code
Bug(10061): HTML part display fixed when opening HTML reply/forward message from Drafts
Bug(2258): Message counts in folders' tree immediate update added on format change
Bug(8429): Messages reappearing in Deleted folder fixed
Bug(10391): Messages automatically deleted from Drafts folder fixed
Bug(5791): New message notification's menu update fixed on SP
Bug(5792): Message with large address list display problem fixed
Bug(10446): New message notification disappearing when navigating to the next message fixed
Bug(7486): SMTP test command fixed
Bug(7118): Accented characters in HTML message display fixed
Bug(5803): Auto-suggestion disabled for email address entry fields
Bug(5570): Reply/Reply All command display fixed for messages with multiple addresses
Bug(7489): Soft-key menu update on accepting meeting request fixed
Bug(5569): Option to disable opening MMS messages with POutlook added
Bug(5567): Initial message filter selection fixed
Bug(10921): Account settings freeze on opening the same page several times fixed
Bug(9120): Duplicate messages check improved (messages with empty MessageID are not considered duplicated anymore)
Bug(9546): Checking for new messages is now always executed when server returns from IDLE state
Bug(7487): Crash on accepting meeting requests fixed
Bug(5561): Domain SMTP authentication fixed
Bug(9365): Support for 320x320 resolution added
Bug(5688): Signature list keyboard focus fixed on the first signature creation
Bug(5562): NTLM, MSN and Digest-MD5 secure authentication types enabled
Bug(7109): Accounts of hidden storages are hidden in before sync notifications
Bug(7488): Crash of moving message not assigned to account fixed
Bug(8813): Message flags update fixed to be done before copying a message
Bug(5797): Inline images disappearing on FlexMail restart fixed
Bug(5794): Keyboard navigation in message filter action editing dialog fixed (could not navigate to message text in Reply/Reply All)
Bug(5687): Stop IDLE command made inactive if IDLE is not on.
Bug(10247): Local-only messages are no longer included when checking if IMAP account is synchronized on FlexMail closing
Bug(5572): Storage position losing fixed
Bug(5573): Adding emails to existing contact implemented for new email addresses entered in message composing address fields
Bug(7121): IDLE deleting messages locally even if it is disabled fixed
Bug(7122): Left panel update in single page view when switching to the next mailbox fixed
Bug(7117): IMAP message not always moved on server when moved locally fixed
Bug(10743): Enabling home screen plug-in fixed for devices with empty layouts
Bug(7113): External storage files deletion on deleting storage fixed
Bug(5827): "Storage not found" dialog fixed for 240x240 screens
Bug(5828): Check for invalid font in SP Home plug-in implemented
Bug(7491): Crashes on displaying size of some attachments fixed
Bug(10322): IMAP sub-folders disappearing on restart fixed
Bug(9138): New message UID retrieving after copy improved (COPY command response is now used)
Bug(9366): Option to disable auto-suggestion in email fields added
Bug(8986): Server command queue clearing added on storage reset
Bug(8987): Message preview cleared on deleting the last message in folder
Bug(8988): Gmail support improvements (copy command always deletes original message there)
Bug(9566): tmail.exe launch added on SMS composing
Bug(7860): Standard messaging plug-in replacing with FlexMail home screen plug-in improved
Bug(7858): Message receiving via IDLE fixed for the case when other message is updated on the server
Bug(7854): FlexMail hanging after error in IMAP SELECT command response fixed
Bug(7850): Context menu performance improved in message list
Bug(7851): Inline attachments display in no-tabs view fixed
Bug(9512): Messages getting lost on sending from POP3 account fixed
Bug(10392): Reply/Reply All menu command refresh added on message deletion
Bug(9205): Message move fixed when IDLE is on
Bug(8352): Deleted server folders re-creation on the next sync fixed
Bug(10680): "X-Unsent" header field processing disabled
Bug(9210): Messages deletion on server when Clear Locally is enabled for the folder fixed
Bug(8009): Message headers cleanup added for messages permanently deleted
Bug(8008): Server folders disappearing from copy/move dialog after the first sync fixed
Bug(9139): Duplicated messages created on server after copying locally fixed
Bug(10975): FlexMail freezing after manual launch when already launched automatically fixed
Bug(8353): Syncing non-IDLE folder on manual sync after IDLE connection was broken fixed
Bug(6801): Disappearing addresses when moving storages fixed
Bug(6803): Exceptions on exit fixed
Bug(6805): Back button closing two dialogs instead of one fixed
Bug(6808): MMS creation when default account is configured fixed
Bug(6810): Storage displayed after deletion until restart fixed
Bug(9174): Deleted messages reappearing when IDLE is on fixed
Bug(9962): "Mark for Download" message removed if message body is completely downloaded and only attachments are left not downloaded
Bug(9624): IMAP BODYSTRUCTURE parsing fixed when server returns attachment before body
Bug(9625): Server folders creation/deletion fixed
Bug(7226): Sending only messages marked as Unsent fixed
Bug(7227): IDLE not sending local updates to the server if message is being downloaded fixed
Bug(7229): IDLE reconnection after just folder list refresh disabled
Bug(7231): Multi-line signatures import/export fixed
Bug(7280): Signatures corruption on editing fixed
Bug(9623): Server Folders dialog keyboard navigation fixed on PPC
Bug(9960): Message memory cleanup added in message search process
Bug(8814): IDLE reconnection check improved (never started connections added for a check)
Bug(9816): SMTP port in Fastmail template fixed
Bug(9099): Power policies fixed to enable IDLE reconnection
Bug(7548): Replying to SMS message via email enabled
Bug(11089): Message list drawing problems on 800x480 resolutions fixed
Bug(7722): Attachment opening on SP crash fixed
Bug(7724): Special processing added for messages with long subject
Bug(7728): Send/receive menu accounts orders fixed to match storages order
Bug(10904): Creating appointments and tasks from empty messages fixed
Bug(8910): Gmail's automatic messages expunge processing added
Bug(10905): Messages moved to another storage getting empty on restart fixed
Bug(8579): Check for timeouts added on IDLE quick reconnection
Bug(8904): Double quotation marks in email/name when calling FlexMail from WM6 Contacts fixed
Bug(9173): Duplicated messages when copying to another storage fixed
Bug(9172): Sort order update on message copying fixed
Bug(8631): Check for the same folder added in Filter's Copy/Move actions
Bug(8632): Temporary files holding unparsed messages deletion on exceptions added
Bug(8633): Messages handling when MessageID has not brackets fixed
Bug(469): Fixed Message list size column shows size of message downloaded instead of total size of message
Bug(670): Fixed Contacts added to address book are added with quotes in last name field
Bug(542): Fixed Left navigation through address tabs stumbles across chars
Bug(632): Fixed AutoEmailAddress Complete Does Not Work When typing Space
Bug(633): Fixed SMS Message Display Always shows "0Ch" for Size
Bug(769): Storage Settings: Disable menu items when no storage is selected
Bug(694): Fixed an issue with SMS with non-numeric characters
Bug(789): Fixed an issue with Reconnect IDLE Periodically unchecks
Bug(808): Fixed Poor handling of email (.msg or .eml) attachments
Bug(838): Today Plugin now properly deselects FlexMail icon.
Bug(839): Today plugin now works normally when no data is displayed.
Bug(840): Account names and application title now displayed in bold
Bug(845): Today plugin updated with latest PI Today changes.
Bug(955): If Stop IDLE command is executed and IDLE reconnect option is on for account then it reconnects in a short time. This should be disabled for manually terminated IDLE.
Bug(1264): We now remove the contact name on SMS Reply.

+ Поддержка SSL
+ Поддержка SOCKS proxy
+ Почтовые базы данных можно хранить на картах памяти
+ Поддержка различных кодировок
+ Работа с BASE 64 или Quoted Printable
+ Мощная система оповещений
+ Можно настраивать различные способы подключения для приема и отправки писем
+ Простой и мощный броузер папок с сообщениями
+ Прямая связь с Pocket Informant для Calendar, Tasks, Contacts
+ Просмотр HTML почты, полученной с POP3/IMAP и других серверов, а также полных исходных текстов писем
+ Подписи в зависимости от аккаунта
+ Списки почты в одну или две колонки
+ Мощный поиск, можно искать сразу по всем аккаунтам
+ Поддержка всех Pocket Inbox плагинов - Pocket HotMail или OneMail
+ Copy и Paste сообщений между аккаунтами
+ Поддержка IMAP Root папки
+ Продвинутая IMAP синхронизация

- Недостаточная итеграция
- При добавлении контакта через flexmail, отражаться контакт будет как запятая
- Тудей плагин вешает систему при перезагрузке (Qtec s110 deluxe), если установить прогу в папку по умолчанию

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