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Архив файлов №1 » Windows Mobile » Мультимедиа » Microfi Nitrogen Player 0.3.2b RSS-лента категории

Microfi Nitrogen Player 0.3.2b

Категория: Мультимедиа
:: High-quality MP3 playback with MAD decoder;
:: High-quality OGG playback with OVD decoder;
:: Intuitive and customizable user interface with full skin support;
:: 10-band equalizer with preset support;
:: Large buttons that makes it easy to perform common tasks without stylus;
:: File browser that scans directories to make playlists;
:: "Shuffle" and "Repeat" modes;
:: Adjustable sleep timer;
:: Amazingly fast to load and to play;
:: Command to blank screen while playing to save energy;
:: Native C++ code: no need for .NET frameworks;
:: Extremely lightweight: less than 2mb of storage, around 1.5mb of RAM;
:: Saves the settings in a separate file - does not fill the registry with useless data;
:: Ability to create custom playlists from different directories;
...and much more!

QVGA users: the default skin was inspired in WMP11, and took me some efforts on "printscreening" all the buttons, so take it as a Christmas gift!
VGA users: the default skin was based in the classic 0.1b skin. I was having trouble on doing a WMP11 skin for VGA devices.
Artistic minds: Download the skin maker, design your skins and post them in the skins page!


:: How can I add songs from different folders through the "Media browser"?
:: :: Currently, it's not possible because Nitrogen scans a whole folder you've browsed to build a playlist. This issue may be fixed soon.

:: I tap the previous/next song button but the music only changes the title. Is that a bug?
:: :: It's not a bug, but a feature of Nitrogen. This allows you to select your desired song before playing it, without having to stop the current song. If you don't like this behaviour, check the "Change playing song through previous/next button" option in the Settings dialog.

:: I want to see the texts antialiased but I don't want to enable ClearType on my device.
:: :: Check the "Force ClearType rendering" option in the Settings dialog, and the texts in the main window, media browser and equalizer will become antialiased.

:: Rather than build a whole new player, why don't you take you UI design and implement it as a skin for the Mortplayer which uses the same MAD library and has everything else already DONE?
:: :: I don't know if it's a good or bad aspect of my personality, but sometimes I don't like to use the things that are ready-made. My intention on building Nitrogen is just to have some fun and improve my knowledge on C++ programming language. MortPlayer is great, and I'd be satisfied if my player worked like his. My intention is not the competition nor copying his work, though. The ones that really win with this situation are you, users. This way, you'll be able to choose among several players and enjoy the one that you identify more with.

:: I can't predict how the hell this wheel work.
:: :: If you use the default skin, tap and drag the upper half of the wheel to change the playlist index. Tap and drag the lower half of the wheel to change the volume. This behaviour is customizable through the Skin Maker and in a future release it will be customizable through the player itself.

:: Why are there too few skins (or why there is no skin that fits my resolution)?
:: :: The player is a very new project, and the skin support is even more recent. So, be patient that soon there will be skins for your device or skins that please you. If you want to accelerate this process, download the Skin Maker and design your own skin. I'll be glad to post it in the skins thread.

:: Why does the song stop (or become glitchy) if I minimize the player and do other things with my device?
:: :: That's because the default setting of the decoder is to be a low-priority thread. I've made this default because I didn't want my phone to become slower with the playback, even because the song usually stops only when something is loading or wasting too much CPU. If you want, change the "Thread priority" to "Normal" in the Settings dialog to prevent this effect.

:: What do the "Prebuffer length" and "Output prebuffer" options do?
:: :: Respectively, they specify how many milisseconds and the amount of the MP3 file that will be decoded ahead what is currently being played. If you check the "Low" thread priority setting and your prebuffer length is set to 4000ms, another process can use the CPU for 4 seconds before the song becomes glitchy. If you check the "Normal" thread priority, your prebuffer length does not need to be that large: 1000ms must be enough (this will free up memory).

Зеркало 1: Скачать/Download
Зеркало 2: Скачать/Download
Системные требования: WM5 - WM6.1
Дополнительные требования: Нет данных
Разрешение экрана: QVGA, VGA
Тип установки: CAB
Автор/Разработчик: microfi
Оф. сайт/Источник: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=455750
История изменений: >>>

Что нового в версии 0.3.2:
- ДОБАВЛЕНА поддержка обложек альбомов;
- ДОБАВЛЕНА поддержка OGG Vorbis;
- УВЕЛИЧЕНА производительность;
- ДОБАВЛЕНЫ библиотеки libmad, libovd, maplay и jpeglib;
- ДОБАВЛЕНО автоматическое распознавания разрешения для стандартного скина;
- ИСПРАВЛЕНЫ ошибки медиа-браузера, селектора скинов.

Тэги: microfi, nitrogen, player, windows mobile
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