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KeePassPPC 0.5.0

Категория: Системные
Системные требования: WM5 - WM6.5
Дополнительные требования: Нет данных
Разрешение экрана: Нет данных
Тип установки: CAB
Оф. сайт/Источник: http://keepasssd.sourceforge.net/
История изменений: >>>

April 2009: V0.5.0 Changes - Tobias Selig

* Update to KeePassLibC V1.15
* Update to Boost C++ Library V1.38.0

January 2009: V0.4.9 Changes - Tobias Selig

* Update to KeePassLibC V1.14

October 2008: V0.4.8 Changes - Tobias Selig

* Update to KeePassLibC V1.13
* Update to Boost C++ Library V1.36.0
* Fix use of precompiled headers and enable whole program optimization
* Disabled Word Completion for password entry fields in GetMasterKeyDlg, ChangeMasterKeyDlg and EntryDlg
* Added option to switch between 'idle timeout' and 'exit on minimize' behaviour
* Added option to disable auto exit for power events
* Cleaned up header file includes
* Cleaned up registry strings

June 2008: V0.4.7 Changes - Tobias Selig

* Update to Visual Studio 2008
* Update to KeePassLibC V1.11
* Added new icons for KeePassLibC V1.11
* Application exits after
- x idle seconds
- When receiving the SUSPEND, UNATTENDED or USERIDLE power state event
but only if no sub-forms or message boxes are open and the database has at
least one group
- After entering a wrong composite master key three times in a row
* Creating a new database now requires to immediately enter a composite master
key and filename
* Whenever the database is saved a backup file from the original database is
* Implemented Clipboard auto-clear
* Clipboard copy & clear is indicated via MessageBeep now
* Added options dialog
* Moved setup of password preview to options dialog
* Clipboard functions are now also available in ViewEntry dialog
* Reworked dynamic enabling/disabling of main and popup menu items

February 2008: V0.4.6 Changes - Tobias Selig

* Update to KeePassLibC V1.10
* Reworked FindDlg
* Added option to allow exclusion of Backup folder from find
* Added KeePassLibC Version to AboutDlg
* Changed default filter for Key Files to *.*

September 2007: V0.4.5 Changes - Tobias Selig

* Update to KeePassLibC V1.08
* Added Key File support
* Aligned password generator dialog with KeePass
* Password generator uses functions from KeePassLibC now
* Added option to enable/disable password preview in EntryListView
* Removed obsolete brief-tag from comments
* Aligned default password groups with KeePass
* Reviewed strings in source code
* Cancelling FileSaveAs dialog no longer results in losing the current
database name

April 2007: V0.4.4 Changes - Tobias Selig

* Port to use KeePass V1.07 encryption library
* Added support for Windows Mobile 6 Professional
* Use CNewRandom in PassGenDlg to improve randomness of generated passwords
* Merged from VVit
- New location of OK and Cancel button
- "Copy Name", "Copy Password" and "Loop for reentering the master key"
* Improved "Copy Name", "Copy Password" and "Loop for reentering the master key"

April 2007: V0.4.3.1 Changes - VVit

* Added two context menu items: "Copy Name" and "Copy Password"
* Reordered OK and Cancel buttons in all forms
* Repeated password request when the user types in the wrong password

March 2007: V0.4.3 Changes - Tobias Selig

* Second try to fix the SmartMinimize button

February 2007: V0.4.2 changes - Tobias Selig

* Fixed bug where using the SmartMinimize button in combination with another
taskbar utility locks up the device

January 2007: V0.4.1 changes - Tobias Selig

* Separated GetPasswordDlg into ChangeMasterKeyDlg and GetMasterKeyDlg
* Renamed NewPassWarningDlg to ChangeMasterKeyWarnDlg
* SIP is forced down in SelectIconDlg
* MasterKey can be shown/hidden in GetMasterKeyDlg; State is saved in Registry
* Added horizontal scrollbar to password field of ViewEntryDlg
* MasterKey is immediately overwritten with random data when it is no longer
being used
* Added system hook to end the application, when SmartMinimize button is

December 2006: V0.4.0 changes - Tobias Selig

* Ported project to Visual Studio 2005 Standard Service Pack 1
* Added routine to convert Unix and Mac type Notes to Windows format
* Splitter window location is now stored in Registry
* Changed Notes field to use wordwrap and only scroll vertically
* Added Device Orientation Awareness
* Added error popup, when program is started on Smartphone device
* NoteDlg and SelectIconDlg now dynamically resize depending on device
orientation and SIP state
* Added standard keyboard shortcuts for all Menu items which have an equivalent
in a windows program
* Dialog buttons with an underlined character can be triggered by using Shift
now. (E.g. OK can be triggered with Shift + O. This only works when no field
which accepts text is selected.)
* Added derived CDialog class, which shows a horizontal scrollbar on square
screen devices for all dialogs where the content does not fit in a square

September 2006: V0.3.2 changes - Tobias Selig

* Added sorting option for EntryListView
(Tapping on the columns of the EntryListView sorts the items in the selected
Group accordingly.)
* Added system font size awareness
(On PocketPC 2003 SE and Windows Mobile 5.0 devices the system font size is
used for all program parts displaying a lot of text.)
* Added high DPI awareness
(On devices with VGA screen KeePass uses high DPI icons.)
* Added link to SourceForge project homepage
(The About dialog has a button to open the SourceForge project homepage in
the explorer.)
* Moved about dialog into separate files
* Written this nice ReadMe.txt file :-)

June 2006: V0.3.0 changes - Tobias Selig

* Ported to use KeePassLibC V1.05
* Ported to eVC++ 4.0 and PocketPC 2003 SDK
* Redesigned all dialoges/forms
* Redesigned main menu
* Replaced Group List with a Group Tree view
* Renamed sourcecode files to better match KeePass for Windows file names
* Added separate dialog to enter notes
* Added "Gen" button to autogenerate a new password without going through the
password generator dialog every time.
* Added "Expire" tickbox to manually expire an entry
* Added expiry date to the ViewEntry dialog
* Added "Visit" button to go to the URL using the registered HTML browser
* Use the original KeePass iconset
* Added "Expire&Close" button that is only displayed for "" entries
* Expired entries with name "" always display the Red X icon.
* DoubleClick on a Group name opens the "Add Entry..." dialog.
* DoubleClick on a Entry name opens the "View Entry" dialog.
* Fixed bug, where reopening an already opened *.kdb file which hat an invalid
password entered was notpossible.
* Fixed a number of bugs with adding/deleting/selecting entries

May 2004: V0.2.2 Changes - Doncho Angelov

* Fixed bug where binary data attached to a password entry was corrupted.

March 2004: V0.2.1 Changes - Doncho Angelov

* Initial Version
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